Bank of America Auto Loan Rates and Calculators

The Bank of America auto calculators allow an applicant to figure their rate for a loan. The variables needed to calculate any type of figure are the loan amount, interest rate, and the term.

Rates [ Use Auto loan calculator bank of america ]

The rates can be found on This Page and show the most updates interest rates for new or used cars and to refinance.



The following calculators can be used to determine the amount of payment every month during the loan, how much the individual may afford for a vehicle, and whether it make financial sense to refinance with bank of America.

What Will My Monthly Payment Be ( Use auto loan calculator bank of america )?

The following must be entered to get the monthly amount;

  • Total Loan Amount
  • Interest Rate (%)
  • Loan Term (in Months)

How Much Can I Afford?

Enter the following to see how much you can pay for a vehicle;

  • Monthly Payment
  • Interest Rate (%)
  • Loan Term (in Months)


bank-of-america-refinance-calculatorIf an individual has an automobile and would like to obtain a new loan they may use the following calculator to see if a new loan makes monetary sense.

The following should be entered to compare the new loan type to the old;

  • Current Loan
    • Loan Balance
    • Monthly Payment
  • New Loan
    • Refinance Amount
    • Term (in Months)
    • Interest Rate (%)

After clicking on the ‘Compare These Loans’ button it will show a snapshot of how much the new loan may save or add to the current monthly amount under the old loan.

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