First Citizens Bank Mortgage Rates and Calculators

First Citizens Bank mortgage calculators allow users to determine the various home financing options available to them, and can also provide various details for existing mortgages (such as whether it makes sense to refinance or not).


Representative rates can be calculated (based on a loan amount) via the Mortgage Rates webpage. The mortgage options offered by First Citizens Bank can be viewed on this webpage. The mortgage FAQ page can be reviewed here, for answers to common home financing questions. Additional information can be requested via a mortgage representative at this number (1-800-333-6898).



How to Calculate

This calculator determines how much an individual will save per month if they refinance their mortgage, and how                  long it will take to recover the closing costs and break even. Enter/adjust the following inputs:

  • Amount of current mortgage
  • Current monthly payment amount
  • Current interest rate
  • Amount of new loan
  • New interest rate
  • Term length of new loan (in years)
  • Closing costs/fees
  • Finance closing costs? (yes or no)

The results will automatically be generated as the inputs are altered/entered.

Calculates how much money will be saved over a certain length (evaluation period), from buying instead of renting, based on the following variables:

  • Monthly rent
  • Annual
  • Home purchase price
  • Down payment amount
  • Annual property tax
  • Monthly HOA fees
  • Yearly insurance
  • Term length (years)
  • Interest rate
  • Timeframe of evaluation
  • Annual rent increase (%)
  • Appreciation rate
  • Marginal tax rate
  • Pre-tax savings rate
  • Annual inflation rate

The calculator automatically updates the results as any of the variables are altered/entered.

This calculator will determine how large of a mortgage an individual might be able to qualify for, based on the following inputs:

  • Monthly income
  • Debt expenses (monthly)
  • Loan term length (years)
  • Interest rate
  • Down payment amount
  • Annual property taxes
  • Annual home insurance costs
  • Loan-to-value ratio (%)
  • Housing ratio (%)
  • Debt-to-income ratio (%)

Results will automatically update as the above information is entered into the calculator.

Calculates how much the monthly mortgage payments will be, based on these inputs:

  • Purchase price of home
  • Down payment amount
  • Annual property tax
  • Monthly HOA fees
  • Annual home insurance
  • Loan term length in years
  • Interest rate

The results will generate as the above variables are adjusted/entered.

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