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Web-based banking has rapidly become a vital financial solution and is offered by most banking firms. Folks at First Citizens’ Federal Credit Union successfully created a banking platform that’s not just secure but also super easy to work with. First Citizens’ Federal Credit Union provides easy access to innovative financial products. Solutios for your housing, business and consumer needs. Free, fast, and highly accessible, there is no debate that online banking is the most effective way to handle mundane financial chores.

Online banking helps you stop using checks and use online checks to make payments. This will reduce risk of check fraud. You can not only transfer funds but also schedule future transfers and pay bills 24/7 online and can be made as quick as in one business day. Popmoney personal service which can be used to send, recieve and request money. This service will be used to pay membership dues and fundraising.

Online Login

Step-1: Go to the First Citizens’ Federal Credit Union website. Click the Online Banking Login button.

 Online Banking Login Step 1

Online Banking Login Step 1

Step-2: Insert your Access ID and then click Login.

 Online Banking Login Step 2

Online Banking Login Step 2

Step-3: Complete with your Password and a click on Submit.

 Online Banking Login Step 3

Online Banking Login Step 3

Online Bill Pay

  1. Select “pay from” option from payment center on which you can see converted payees. Enter amount in an amount box and deliver date.
  2. To add a new payee,op up will appear. You can apply for person tab if it is for personal payee. This helps you in checking address details.
  3. Enter in biller information.
  4. If the payee aded is capable to receive eBlls you can enroll for the same. You will receive both paper bills and eBills until trial period is over and after that you can enroll solely for eBills.

Mobile Apps

Important banking responsibilities can now be carried out instantly from your own mobile utilizing the app-based banking facility. Whether you wish to give money to your loved ones or settle E-bills, First Citizens’ Federal Credit Union app-based banking provides a solution for every financial requirement. Customers who wish to use mobile banking services require to apply by completing the online enrollment procedure.



  Mobile Banking   Mobile Banking   Mobile Banking

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