GTE Financial Auto Loan Rates and Calculators

The GTE Financial auto loan rates and calculators may give a prospective buyer of a vehicle an idea of how much they may borrow, pay on a monthly basis, and the amount of an interest rate.


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How to Calculate

  • How Much Can I Afford Calculator – This allows an individual to figure how much they may be able to afford for a vehicle. The individual must enter the following;
    • Loan Information
      • Interest Rate
      • Desired Loan Payment
    • Vehicle Information
      • Down Payment
      • Rebate
      • Title and Registration Costs
      • Trade-in Value
      • Amount Owed on Trade-in

gte-financial-auto-how-much-can I-afford

  • Monthly Payments Calculator – By entering the purchase price, sales tax, rebate (if any), title and registration costs, vehicle depreciation (average of 15% annually), trade-in value, and the amount owed on trade-in an individual may view how much they will pay per month for an auto loan.


  • Payment Accelerator Calculator – This allows the individual to see if they should pre-pay their loan by showing a schedule of savings (if any) after entering the following;
    • Original Loan Balance
    • Term
    • Interest Rate Percentage
    • Extra Monthly Payment
    • Number of Payments Made


  • Lease/Purchase Calculator – Allows a person to see if it benefits them more to lease or purchase a vehicle. The following must be entered to figure this amount;
    • Vehicle Information
      • Purchase Price
      • Sales Tax
      • Rebate
      • Title and Registration Costs
      • Vehicle Depreciation
    • Loan Information
      • Term
      • Interest Rate
      • Vehicle Down Payment
    • Lease Information
      • Cash Down (Capital Reduction)
      • Lease Term
      • Monthly Lease Payment
      • Other Leasing Fees


  • Accept Rebate or Low Cost Financing? – The following should be entered;
    • Vehicle Information
      • Purchase Price
      • Cash Rebate
      • Vehicle Down Payment
    • Financing
      • Loan Term
      • Regular Interest Rate
      • Special Low Interest Rate


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