HDFC Bank Auto Loan Rates and Calculators

HDFC Bank auto loan calculators are available for customers to use in order to gain a more thorough understanding of the financing options available to them, specifically in regards to EMI. HDFC Bank offers up 100% financing for qualified customers, in addition to numerous other auto financing options. Their quick approval process coupled with flexible repayment terms makes them one of India’s leading providers of car loans.


A user must apply for a loan in order to receive the most current loan rates, although their are multiple calculators available to provide a rough estimation of what may be available.


Auto Calculators

Two Wheeler Loan EMI Calculator – This calculator is used to determine how much an individual may potentially be eligible for in terms of EMI amount. The following variables must be completed in order to successfully calculate this amount:

Two wheeler EMI calculator

Two wheeler EMI calculator

  • Current city of residence
  • DOB
  • Type of residence
  • Motorbike model
  • Two wheeler model
  • Price
  • Employment
  • HDFC account (yes or no)

Upon entering this information, the user must click on the red ‘Get Eligibility’ button to view their results.

Car loan EMI calculator – Used in order to determine how much a user may potentially be eligible to receive in regards to EMI amount for a used or new car loan. Users must enter the following information to receive an accurate estimation:

  • Current city of residence
  • DOB
  • Type of residence
  • Car model (name)
  • Annual income
  • Employment type
  • Price of car
  • Car manufacturer

Once a user has entered their information, they may click on the red ‘Get Eligibility’ in order to generate their results.


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