HDFC Bank Credit Cards | Personal | Corporate

HDFC Bank credit cards are offered to personal, business, and corporate account holders. Individuals interested in applying for one of these offers can do so either online or at a bank branch.

Personal Credit Cards

Regalia Personal Premium

Corporate Credit Cards

How to Apply

HDFC Bank credit cards can be applied for via online application forms, or in person at one of HDFC Bank’s thousands of locations.

Online Application

Upon selecting a card offer to apply for, an individual must enter the following required information via the online form in order to successfully submit their credit card application.

  • Current place of residence
  • Type of residence
  • Length of stay in current residence (on which date did you move to this residence)
  • Employment type
  • Gender
  • Mobile phone number
  • Time since last application (6 months or under)
  • Do you currently have a credit card?

Note: You may be required to enter some of the following additional information (and other details, which may vary from offer to offer).

  • PAN card
  • Proof of address and/or identity (if available)




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