RBC Royal Bank Mortgage Calculators

RBC Royal Bank mortgage calculators allow users to determine specific mortgage payment amounts, amortization schedules, how large of a mortgage they can afford, and how much a rental payment would be in relation to a mortgage payment. You can view all of RBC Royal Bank’s online finance tools on this webpage, and an overview of the mortgages offered through RBC Royal and be viewed here.


Representative rates can be viewed on the Mortgage Rates page. You may be asked to provide personal information (such as your postal code, the goal of your financing, and the length of time you want to achieve your goal in) to view more individualized rate information.



How to Calculate

This calculator is used to determine how large of a mortgage an individual can qualify for, based on the following inputs:

  • Annual income
  • Spouse/co-borrowers income
  • Debt information:
  • -Loan/lease
  • -Amount owed
  • -Monthly payment
  • -Credit card name
  • -Card limit
  • -Card balance
  • -Line of credit
  • -Name of credit
  • -Credit limit
  • -Credit balance
  • (Add additional debt information as needed)
  • Down payment amount on mortgage
  • Interest rate
  • Estimated amortization (length of payoff)

Click the ‘Calculate’ button for the calculator to load the results.

Determines the monthly payment amount for a mortgage. Enter the following variables into the appropriate fields:

  • Amount of mortgage
  • Rate type (fixed, variable)
  • Interest rate %
  • Interest term length
  • Frequency of payments (select from drop-down menu)
  • Amortization length

Once the above inputs have been entered, click on the ‘Calculate’ button to view the results.

This calculator determines what the rent payment would be in relation to a mortgage payment. The following inputs are required:

  • Monthly rent
  • Interest rate
  • Estimated time of payoff (amortization period)

Click the ‘Submit’ button for the results to generate.

Determines the amortization period of a mortgage by computing the following variables:

  • Amount of mortgage
  • Mortgage rate
  • Payment frequency

  • Amount of monthly payment
  • Start date of payments

Once the above details have been entered, press the ‘Calculate’ button to view the results.

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