Regions Bank Routing Number — How to Wire

Regions Bank allows users to transfer funds in many ways, including by wire transfer, Western Union, or through Personal Pay, a streamlined transfer service operated by Popmoney. Regions Bank’s online transfer FAQ is located here.

Routing Numbers

  • Alabamas — 062000019
  • Arkansas — 082000109
  • Florida — 063104668
  • Georgia — 061101375
  • Illinois — 071122661
  • Indiana — 074014213
  • Iowa — 073900438
  • Kentucky — 083901744
  • Louisiana — 065403626
  • Mississippi — 065305436
  • Missouri — 081001387
  • North Carolina — 053012029
  • South Carolina — 053201814
  • Tennessee — 064000017
  • Texas — 111900785
  • Virginia — 051009296

Swift Code

  • UPNBUS44

Routing Number On Check

You will often need to provide your routing number to complete wire transfers. Routing numbers are used by banks to track and identify money transfers. Your routing number can be found on the bottom left-hand corner of checks supplied to you by your bank, as demonstrated by the sample check below.


How to Wire Funds

The information you need in order to complete a money transfer depends on which method you use for the transfer.

For wire transfers you will need this information:

  • Amount to wire
  • Your account number
  • Recipient’s name
  • Recipient’s account number
  • You Regions user ID
  • Password
  • PIN

Regions’ wire transfer guide is located here.

For Personal Pay, you need to login to online banking, select ‘Personal Pay’ from the Payment menu, and enter:

  • Transfer amount
  • Email or phone number of recipient

Regions’ Personal Pay FAQ is located here.

How to Wire Internationally

Western Union can be used to transfer money internationally. For Western Union transfers you need to login to online banking and select ‘Western Union’ from the Transfers menu. You will then need to provide this information:

  • Destination country
  • Receiver’s name
  • Bank account to debit funds
  • Amount to send

You should then contact your recipient and give them this information:

  • 10-digit tracking number
  • Answer to the test question (optional)

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